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Safety Tips for Travelers

18 February 2011

In light of the recent slew of violence reports from Mexico, USA Today consulted security expert Gregory Bangs who specializes in protecting clients abroad from crime and kidnapping, about whether travelers should defer their trip to Mexico.  Bangs says travelers are generally safe if they stick to areas that are not high in crime.  He also points out that big tourist zones like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other resort destinations excluding Acapulco, have not seen any crime waves.

Bangs shares his tips for staying safe:

*Use official taxis. Avoid street taxis, and rent one through your hotel or have a restaurant call one.

*Don’t make yourself a target by wearing expensive jewelry/watches, extravagant luggage, or by announcing you’re an American with a logo baseball cap or T-shirt.

*Check with a concierge for safe jogging routes

*Stay on the beaten track

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