Is it safe to travel to Mexico?  The short answer is:  yes.  Although certain parts of the country have seen a rise in drug-related violence in the last few years and the gruesome news reports have done little to help the country’s image in the minds of tourists, the fact is that most parts of Mexico are still safe to travel to.

As with any foreign country you go to, it is important to be informed and to take appropriate safety precautions.  Staying up to date with U.S. State Department travel advisories, avoiding border towns, and staying in tourist areas will help make your trip to Mexico a safe one.

With its breathtaking beaches, historical landmarks, and rich culture, it’s no wonder that so many people have an interest in visiting Mexico.  The country’s beauty and diversity of attractions has made it a consistent draw for resort-goers, outdoor-adventurers, and culture-seekers alike, and has helped cement it as one of the top international tourist destinations.

Mexico deserves its place on vacationer wish lists, and despite some troubled areas, travelers need not avoid the country as a whole.  By making informed decisions, taking simple precautions, and exercising common sense, travelers can continue to take advantage of all that Mexico has to offer.

(Photo by Iván Cabrera)

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  4. Not only is it safe to travel in Mexico, it is absolutely gorgeous as well. My girlfriend and I started our 1 year trip in Guadalajara and are southbound for Brazil. Please click on the link below for a list of destinations in Mexico that I’ve covered on my travel blog, but most importantly, ENJOY MEXICO!



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