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Biggest Danger in Mexico for Tourists? A Hangover.

5 December 2013

Canadian travel writer Robin Roberts reports in The Vancouver Sun, wary travelers who buy into media hyperbole and avoid Mexico as a travel destination have a lot to lose.  Yes, there is violence in Mexico, but of the 1.5 million Canadians to vacation in Mexico each year, only a handful even witness a crime, let alone, become the victim of one. From the article:

“I’ve been travelling to Mexico for decades — hell, I even got married here. Since 2010, I’ve spent half the year here. I’ve driven thousands of kilometres from north to south, east to west. Have I ever felt unsafe? No. I have, however, felt uneasy in my hometown of Vancouver, a city with many back alleys I wouldn’t dream of walking after dark.”

As Roberts puts it, a hangover is the biggest danger you face when vacationing in Mexico.  Her advice?  Look at the facts, exercise caution, and you’ll be glad you didn’t let the media hype make your decision for you.

Read about her insightful experiences in Mexico, here.


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