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New Website on Travel Safety in Mexico

There is a new popular website on travel safety in Mexico worth checking out.  The “How Safe is Mexico?” Website provides detailed information on the parts of Mexico that are safe to travel to, as well as maps and other travel resources.  Travel resources include safety tips, reviews of popular travel destinations and links to popular travel websites focused on Mexico.  The website also allows you to compare global crime statistics to that of Mexico – lending some perspective to sensationalized media reports.  From the website:

More than 150,000 Americans safely visit Mexico every day. And while the media sensationalizes stories of violence in Mexico, Mexico is safer than many major U.S. cities. Travelers feel relatively safe visiting popular U.S. cities like Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington D.C, or Atlanta. Visitors from around the world enjoy these vibrant cities in relative, reasonable safety. Yet each of these cities is statistically less safe than Mexico.C

You can visit the website, here.


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