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Safety in Mexico: Reality vs. Media Hype

17 January 2013

Cathy Brown of Escape from America travel site, writes recently about people’s reactions to her travels to Mexico, reactions founded from what she calls “misguided, baseless fear.”

She asks people to look at the facts, saying:

“Mexico is roughly the size of Western Europe. Of Mexico’s 2,500 municipalities, only 18 have been considered to be a security problem.  Please read that sentence again. Pretty sure that leaves you with a 2482 very safe options if you want to travel to Mexico. Yes, there are places in Mexico that have had problems with drug violence. But the majority of Mexico’s organized-crime killings last year took place in a mere three of Mexico’s 31 states: Chihuahua,Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. I am not here to dispute that there has been and is drug violence in Mexico.I am here to point out that those specific places are likely nowhere near where you as a tourist or expat are planning to go.”

She goes on to cite the statistics on the higher homicide rates per 100,000 inhabitants that exist in U.S. cities such as Baltimore, Washington DC, and Detroit.  Mexico ranks behind the U.S. in drug offenses, ranked 12th in the world (the U.S. is ranked 4th).  When it comes to homicides with firearms, the U.S. ranks 7th, while Mexico ranks 17th.

As with any place you travel, you should exercise caution, and be aware of which areas should be avoided.  However, Brown encourages people to make an informed opinion about Mexico and to look at the media hype with a critical eye.

Read the full article here.


2 Comments to “Safety in Mexico: Reality vs. Media Hype”

  1. As one who has traveled Mexico extensively for eight years I have yet to come across any violence directly. I have also lived for three of those years in Mexico.

    There is an unbelievable amount of hype in the media about Mexico. Sure, there are dangerous areas. The solution is simple: Don’t go there. As for the rest of the country, there are many gorgeous, peaceful places and I have been to many of them. It’s a real shame that so many people allow the media to do their thinking for them.

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