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Travel Organizations Meet With Texas DPS About Travel Advisories

Recently American and Mexican tourist and travel industry groups met with the Texas Secretary of State’s office and the Texas Department of Public Safety to discuss the state’s current travel warning, which they contend is too broad and hurting business.  The groups asked that future DPS travel warnings should clarify which areas of Mexico pose the most threat to tourists, citing that less than 5% of Mexico is actually affected by drug and cartel violence.  Said Shannon Stowell, president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association,

“Out of roughly 2,500 municipalities, only 80 are currently recording problems with drug violence.  It’s a very acute problem versus a ubiquitous problem.”

The organizations point out that the most popular resort areas, including Cancun, Los Cabos and Cozumel are not dangerous for travelers.  They compare the Texas DPS travel warning to that of the federal travel warning, which is less editorialized and points out specific areas to avoid.

The Texas DPS travel warning issued this year and targeted at spring break travelers, tells Texans to avoid the country all together and “stay alive,” – which the organizations feel is irresponsible.

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