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CBS News Travel Editor Talks About Mexican Tourism and Safety

29 March 2012

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg has been traveling across Mexico as part of an ongoing media project to spread awareness about Mexico tourism and safety.  Says Greenberg:

“Let me state something from the outset. I am not an unabashed apologist for Mexico, or its spokesman or an endorser. I am writing this as a veteran traveler to Mexico who has been going down there since 1973 without a single incident.

I am growing tired, and somewhat impatient with expressions of concern or worry — as well intentioned as they may be — about my traveling to Mexico.  Every time I am about to fly there — to Cancun, to Cabo, to Ixtapa, to Mexico City and many other locations — my friends, and sometimes even strangers advise me to ‘be careful’, ‘be safe’ or worse… ‘watch out.’  Watch out for what? great people? great weather? great service? affordable, memorable experiences?  We need to get out there and find a map. Then we need to study it to put things in proper perspective”

Greenberg has expressed disappointment with the warnings against spring break travel to Mexico, issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, calling them irresponsible and pointing out that spring break destinations are far from Mexico’s danger zones.

On Mexico’s drug war, Greenberg says “The bottom line here is that Americans are not being targeted in this drug war.”

To read the full article, along with more of Greenberg’s informed travel advice about Mexico – go here.

Mexico Holds Its Own with Spring Break Tourists

21 March 2012

Despite a steady stream of bad press, CNN reports that Mexico remains a popular destination for spring break vacationers, and continues to hold its place as the top foreign country visited by Americans for over two decades.  The Mexico Tourism Board estimates 52 million domestic and international tourists to the southeastern part of the country in 2012, thanks to public relations efforts to direct tourists to destinations which reflect the experience of most visitors to the country who stay away from Northern areas, which are plagued by cartel-related violence.

The press jumped on the heels of the latest U.S. Travel Advisory for Mexico in February, however Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, the CEO of Mexico’s Tourism Board views the advisory as a positive thing, saying he welcomed the extent to which the advisory pinpointed which areas to avoid, and which ones were safe.  Negrete told CNN:

“We try to put things within the proper context of making sure people understand that if there are problems in certain pockets of the country, that doesn’t mean the major resort destinations and city center destinations are in danger.  Mexico is a very large country, the size of western Europe, so it’s unfair to paint Mexico with such a massively broad stroke.”

There are many places in Mexico for which there is no travel advisory in effect, including Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City, the nation’s capital.  Travelers are always advised to exercise caution in order to avoid being victims of petty crime – a danger in all countries – however the drug-related violence focused on by the media is far removed from these destinations.

To read the full article, go here.