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San Miguel de Allende: Far Cry from the Mexico of CNN

18 January 2012

Ron Erskine recently profiled one of Mexico’s safest places, a colonial town rich with Mexican history and as charming as a “hilltop Tuscan town… or perch in Provence, France.”  San Miguel de Allende is famous in Mexican history as the birthplace of the Mexican War of Independence.  Almost 200 years later, it is an expatriate enclave for Americans and Canadians with a bustling artistic community and cultural capital to boot – from fine dining to high fashion boutiques.

Said Erskine:

“From here, craft shops, great restaurants, magnificent churches and historical buildings are a stroll away. The downtown walking tour brought San Miguel’s revolutionary drama to life: Ignacio Allende’s house, the plaza where insurgents gathered, and the wall against which many were shot by a firing squad (note the filled-in bullet holes).

I suppose the Mexico of CNN — drug cartel killings, corruption, danger — is out there somewhere, but every moment we spent in San Miguel was a revelation. Great weather, friendly people, rich history, and sights with a European flair are right here in our hemisphere.”

To read the full article, go here.

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