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CNN Travel on Why You Should Go To Mexico

Robert Reid’s recent article for CNN Travel discusses Mexican tourism’s big PR problem – what we all know, the escalating drug war and gory media reports of violence.  He notes the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory’s recent expansion to 14 of Mexico’s 31 states doesn’t help matters either.  Yet, says Reid,

It’s in the 17 of 31 states not named in the newly expanded warnings that you’ll find the most rewarding destinations: the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja California beach resorts, colonial hill towns like the ex-pat haven of San Miguel de Allende, even the capital Mexico City.

Reid says, “We tend to lump all of Mexico – a country the size of Western Europe – together,” citing how a border incident involving the death of a Colorado tourist  in 2010 prompted the Texas Department of Homeland Security to issue a travel warning for all of Mexico.  The fact of the matter is that most of central and southern Mexico sees less violence than many U.S. cities, and residents remain miffed at the public’s fear of their quiet communities.

Offering “jungles, deserts, volcanoes, beaches, coral reefs, ancient pyramids, living pre-European cultures and some of the world’s most satisfying cuisines,” not to mention proximity and value, Mexico remains a great travel destination with a very bad PR problem.

Reid is a Lonely Planet U.S. Travel Editor and host of the 76-Second Travel Show.  You can read his full article at CNN Travel here.

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5 Comments to “CNN Travel on Why You Should Go To Mexico”

  1. Well, this eases my mind a bit considering my husband might have to travel to Cabo for a couple of weeks. Glad I read this. The article didn’t corroborate what I was assuming I’d find, in fact it did the opposite.

    I was naively thinking the entire country a danger and the State Department would be dissuading Americans from traveling there at any cost.

    Okay. Cool.

  2. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for your comments. Most tourist and resort destinations like Cabo are safe, and tourists are not targeted. For places to avoid, you can consult the U.S. Travel Advisory.

  3. Linda McDougall

    I’ve lived in Mexico for eleven years – six in Oaxaca and five here in Guanajuato, an ex-pat who adores my adopted country. I agree that there’s more crime in the US, and less in my own country, Canada, than in México. However, sad to say, drug-related crime and robbery are spreading their tentacles everywhere, with the huge city of León being close to us and Americans demonstrating what many Mexicans here see as wealth, while they suffer poverty. Homes are broken into constantly in this little town, drug deals go on right outside tourist hotels in my own middle class residential area…and yet: the police are everywhere – doing absolutely nothing. For e.g., there are five areas where they refuse to go because they’re “too dangerous”. When shots by 15 cops were fired right outside my door, NOBODY knew anything – another typical situation.A severely addicted junkie lives next door, and though he robs local tiendas and breaks into cars, no one does anything. THAT is the problem, and simply denying that form of negligence, (according to various authorities in the state government, 80% of the country is suffering the same anarchy), is in itself, the underlying crime. I weep for the average Mexican, themselves in deep sorrow as they watch their country disintegrating under such blatant lawlessness.

  4. Linda McDougall has it right. Living near Puerto Vallarta is far safer than living in most American cities…women can walk the beaches in the middle of the night..children can play without fear..something you can not do in many areas of the states. However there is no law and order. People have no trust in the police and the courts…the only law Mexico has is the army. Meth is a major problem as it is in every city in the states. Both countries have the same problems…the difference is there is law and order and criminal justice north of the border.
    So I say…come on down…enjoy the Mexican culture and its people..enjoy the jungle and the beaches…you will be safe, have a grand vacation, and leave us wanting to come back again…

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