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Violence Figures in Mexico Compared to Other Countries

The Catalist’s statistics-driven analysis of violence in Mexico provides a more accurate assessment of Mexico than many of the sensationalistic and non-contextualized news reports.  A website created to “empower the Mexican-American relationship,” the Catalist used international indicators for measuring violence in a country – the number of violent deaths per 100,000 people – to compare figures of Mexican violence with those of other Latin American countries and U.S. cities.

They found that, in fact, Mexico is one of the safest countries in Latin America, having lower numbers of violent deaths than popular Latin American destinations like Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela.  In comparing Mexico City to other U.S. cities, Mexico City came out on top in terms of safety.  With 9.8 violent deaths per 100,000 people, Mexico City had fewer deaths than U.S. cities like Houston (12.5), Phoenix (12.6), and Los Angeles (17.1).  While troubled Mexican cities like Ciudad Juarez have much higher violence statistics, they also account for most of Mexico’s violent deaths.

These figures not only help put reports of Mexico’s violence in context, but also paint a picture of what is true in many countries.  Some parts of countries can be more dangerous than others, and should be avoided.  Mexico as a whole is not plagued by violence, but travelers should be aware of dangerous cities to avoid.  Just as people in the U.S. might encourage travelers to take advantage of Chicago, while avoiding Detroit – people in Mexico would encourage tourists to experience Mexico City, while steering clear of Ciudad Juarez.  The article also acknowledges that sensationalistic news reports that don’t provide the whole picture unfairly hurt the cities and communities of Mexico that are safe, by driving away tourism and investment.

Read the full article here.

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3 Comments to “Violence Figures in Mexico Compared to Other Countries”

  1. PART 1

    Hi, well I am from Mexico City but I leave in Germany…I must say Mexico has changed a lot in the past 3 years. In general, Mexico is definitely more dangerous now than before…but Europe is NOT the exception, just the past year, I have been twice to the police because I almost got attacked, the first time, because a psycho kept following me and wanted to grab me…fortunately I had my german shepherd and a pepper spray to defend myself…the second time: a teenager tried to bit me up just because I told him I wanted him to move to the sidewalk ( because I had my bike and he was on the bike side of the street)…anyways, in Gemany there is not poverty…and there is basically no corruption…but there are many mean people who think you are from Turkey or an Arab country and hate you for NO reason… Every country has good and bad things. Maybe in reach European countries ( like Switzerland, Germany, Sweden etc) is not that bad, but let’s remember that must European countries are also poor and also have corruption and mafia: Bosnia, Poland, Russia, Rumania, Check Republic, Italy etc…

    Well, if you want to visit Mexico, try to visit the areas where there are not conflicts, don’t visit Tijuana, Michoacán, etc…is obvious right? even as a Mexican I would not go there!!.
    I went last year to Chiapas, Mérida, DF and Riviera Maya with my husband for one whole month (my husband looks totally German: blond, really tall, blue eyes etc…) and we had a lot of fun, we had NO problems at all. Unfortunately we also saw bad things…we saw many young tourist really drunk or drugged, I mean, I don’t think is too intelligent to do that right?

  2. PART 2

    Guys, Mexico has a lot of potential (mostly because of its natural resources) however, we have had a corrupt Government and a terrible system for years, and now we are paying the consequences: crime, drugs etc.
    However, must people are really friendly and do not want to kill you or something…criminals are everywhere!!! For example: I just saw a documentary where they explained that there are more than 1,000 radical racist groups in the USA (like: white brotherhood, neo-nazis etc..) who want specifically get read of (kill) Mexicans and blacks in the USA, and that 75% of the serial killers in the world come from the USA, but that does not mean that all Americans or the whole country is bad right?
    And another thing…think about the posittive attitude americans or foreigners get ( from mexicans) in Mexico: still knowing that many Americans hate or don’t like Mexicans, and we have been terribly stereotyped (speedy Gonzalez, sombreros, that ALL illegal in the USA are Mexican, all Mexicans are poor, ignorant etc.) must Mexicans will treat Americans or other tourist kindly and will have must of the time a nice attitude towards them.

    The world in general has changed a lot; every time is getting worse and worse…and bad people from all nationalities will pay what they are doing to decent people…be sure about it !!
    Now, if you want to visit Mexico, just try to visit safe places, don’t do stupid things (like being drunk at 3am), and enjoy…and don´t forget to visit the pyramids in Yucatán, Campeche and Chiapas they are surreal !!!

    PS. I apologize…I am still working on my English!!

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