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The Real Worries To Have When Traveling To Mexico

Back from a writer’s conference in Puerto Vallarta, travel writer Susie Albin-Najera took a moment to reflect in writing on the country’s safety. As a travel writer, she is frequently asked about safety in Mexico, and her answer is always yes it’s possible to run into violence, but is it probable?  No.

After another pleasant stay (Albin-Najera is a frequent traveler to Mexico) she felt compelled to compile a list of what travelers should really worry about when traveling to Mexico. Some of those include:

* You might overeat at the endless Sunday brunch and get heartburn
* You might get acid indigestion from too much fresh squeezed lemonade
* You might get sunburned and have to spend extra money buying aloe vera gel
* You might lose your hearing if you are sitting next to a 26-piece mariachi band
* You might have a hard time deciding whether to go to the beach or get a massage

To read the full list, go here.

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