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Is Mexico Safe? It All Depends on Where You’re Going!

The Seattle Times ran an article yesterday asking the question:  how safe is travel to Mexico?  The article points out what many other articles fail to mention: the areas of concern are not the beach resorts and historical cities that most Americans visit, not to mention, almost a million Americans currently live in various parts of the country (many of them retirees).

The article also points out that unlike typical alarmist travel warnings, the U.S. State Department’s March travel advisory for Mexico is targeted at specific towns, and not at the country as a whole:

Too often in the past, these types of government alerts have taken a broad-brush approach, simply advising against travel to a country as a whole. What’s different about this warning, issued March 14 following the shooting in Ciudad Juarez of three people with ties to the American consulate, is its level of detail, and the way it rightly targets only towns where drug-related violence has been rampant.

The author of the article, who has just returned from seven days in Mazatlan and Sayulita, says people should follow through with their Mexico travel plans, provided they use common sense precautions such as staying in tourist areas, and avoiding border towns and areas where drug dealing might occur.


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